Desert Valley Date



Industrial and Bulk Items

Desert Valley Date is leveraging its date processing and packaging experience to co-pack/co-manufacture and private label. We pack and process a variety of dried fruits and other items on our stainless production lines in a state of the art processing facility. In addition we have over 30,000ft2 of cold storage space for both ingredients and finished goods and additional dry storage space for packaging material. We have all the require GMP and HACCP programs and trained QC and QA personnel to supply the highest quality of products


We have the ability to package products in a variety of Packages: Bags (Pillow or Stand up), Tubs (Square or Round), Cups, Clamshells, Trays and other customer specific packages. In addition your packaged product gets metal detection and lot date coding and traceability on both the primary and secondary containers. Shrink bands for extra security and also available on tub and clamshell items.

For those interested in Trail Mix packing, we have mixing capability to mix the different components of a trail mix and pack them into a bag, tub or cup with very low shink and accurate percentage mixes.



Our stainless steel dicing production lines are set up to cut 3/8" or 3/16". Our dicing services also include sizing your product to specification using sieves, moisture control, and powder or sugar coating. Metal detection and lot code traceability are included for extra food safety.


Grinding & Blending

We can blend or grind many dried fruits into a paste to the texture and moisture desired and in many cases also remove the seed or pit using our proprietary macerating equipment. We can blend or grind a single item or multiple items into a consistent paste.


If you are interested in Co-packing/ Co-manufacturing or Private Labeling, please contact the sales office