Desert Valley Date

        Pork Tenderloin with Date Couscous Stuffing

Whole pork tenderloins, trimmed
3 lbs 8oz.
Date-couscous stuffing (recipe follows)
12 oz.
Onions, coarsely chopped
1 lb
Salt, black pepper
to taste
Olive oil
as needed
Dry sherry
1 cup
Veal or chicken stock
3 cups
Dates, chopped
3 oz.
Date-couscous stuffing:
3/4 cup
Olive oil
2 Tbl
1/2 tsp
Precooked couscous grains
3 oz.
Greens onions, minced
2 oz.
Ground cumin
3/4 tsp
Ground coriander
3/4 tsp
Dates, chopped
2 oz
Black pepper
to taste
PART 1: (Tenderloins)
1. Butterfly each tenderloin; flatten into 4 inch spread
2. Center 3 oz. couscous stuffing onto length of each
3. Close meat around stuffing; secure with string to hold tenderloin shape
4. Arrange pork on onions in roasting pan
5. Season lightly with salt and pepper; drizzle with oil
6. Roast at 425 degrees Fahrenheit about 20 minutes until cooked through
7. Remove meat from pan
8. Deglaze pan with sherry until nearly evaporated; add stock and reduce by half
9. Strain through fine mesh strainer
10. Reheat sauce with dates
11. Cut tenderloins into slices
12. Portion 4 oz. pork with 1 oz. sauce for each serving
PART 2: (Date-couscous stuffing)
1. Bring water, 1 Tbl oil and salt to boil
2. Stir in couscous; cover and remove from heat
3. Let stand 5 minutes to absorb liquid
4. Heat 1 Tbl oil in skillet; add onions and spices
5. Cook over low heat until onions are softened
6. Stir in dates; remove from heat
7. Add onion-date mixture to couscous
8. Season to taste with pepper